Monday, March 18, 2013

Take a moment to become aware of who is
reading this page. Do you feel a presence?
That presence is not your mind; it’s your
soul. The mind might be saying, What am I
going to have for lunch? or I wonder what
time it is. The inner dialogue happens in
the presence of the soul.

Thoughts come and go, feelings come and go.
The molecules of the body come and go. But
they come and go in this presence.
This presence, the soul, recycles itself as
your memories, your moods, and even your
personality, because you don’t have the same
personality today that you had when you were
5 years of age, or when you were 15.

Your personality is an expression of the evolving
universe; it’s constantly changing, growing,
evolving, transforming.

Who is going through this experience? 

The real you–the you that we call pure consciousness, 
the field of intelligence, the inner self, the soul, 
the spirit, the infinite consciousness, the Being 
within you. Here, we have used all of these 
terms synonymously.

If you get in touch with this presence, if you
really become intimate with it because it’s your
own inner self, then you will know experientially,
without anybody telling you, that this presence
was there before you were born, and it will be
there after you die.

.: Adapted from Power, Freedom and Grace, 
.: By Deepak Chopra (Amber-Allen Publishing Inc., 2006).

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