Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day is a wonderful time
To celebrate a day of love.
But be sure to let your love shine
All time not just one day demonstrated.

"Love" the best of all gift's given
Is that of action and exhibition.
Looking to the perfect example
The exploits of excellence ample.

Magnificence of love recognized
As God gave His Son that day.
Never can man achieve such perfection
But strive to love in the same fashion.

Love is not just a word spoken
But a feeling within one's soul.
Not that of self seeking indulgence
But a passion for goodness whole. 

Jesus Christ in love's action
Obedience even to death on the cross.
The evidence of love's crowning
Giving of His life for the undeserving. 

¤ Malta Feb 2006 ¤

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