Monday, August 27, 2012

    To be loved and accepted is
what we all desire,
But for some this isn't always
so easy to acquire.

There are some who will always
expect  more than we are
 able to give,
They may not know that in
 giving and forgiving is the
 way we should live.

God created each one of us
different and unique;
Some have great strength
while others can be easily led
and are weak!
If we're seeking for perfection
we will fail utterly;
God only expects from each
of us all that with His help
we can be.

Just remember that God
loves you and created you
the way you are.
He made you in His own
image to be His bright
and shining star!
It doesn't matter how you
look or what others think
of you;

True beauty lies within the
heart when we live the life
He wants us to.
We are to love one another
just as He first loved us.
That's why we give our
all to Him and in Him
place our trust.

His love and acceptance
is free to all and is ours
to receive;
All He asks in return is
that we come to Him and
on Him believe!

- By Helen Johnson

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