Tuesday, August 07, 2012

If chickens don’t get enough light, they start pecking
at each other.
The truth is that humans are no different.
Profoundly, it’s not the free range of our thinking
and the depth of our feelings that are dangerous,
but that our minds and hearts are often incubated
in the dark.

How can we hold each other more
fully in the light?

Once the pecking begins, we are called to three
forms of work: stop the pecking, heal the wounds, 

and seek out more light.

It is true as it is old: feed the inner hunger and
the outer hunger will dissipate. Ignore the inner
hunger and nothing in the world will satisfy you.

When you catch yourself pecking, look for more light.
When you find yourself darkened by pain, wait until
you can see. When life seems to flood you, put down
your mask.

When feeling cut off and depressed, look for work
that is whole.

And when feeling you will die if a particular hunger
is not fed, let that part of you die.
Get out of your own way.

¤ Adapted from Facing the Lion,  
¤ Being the Lion, by Mark Nepo (Conari Press, 2007).

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