Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hurt isolates us. 
When you suffer, you suffer privately,
no matter how close someone else may be to you.
Some people react to this isolation by becoming 
even more alone. 
They nurse their grievances in silence.
They gain a sense of strength from toughing it out alone.

Other people react in the opposite way, wanting to pull
as many people into their suffering as possible.

Both tactics defy the first law of healing, which is
that it must occur within yourself. This isn’t the same
as going it alone or toughing it out. That’s the ego’s
interpretation, and if you look a bit deeper, you’ll find
that what’s really going on is resistance. The ego is
saying, I don’t deserve to have this happen. I’m going
to sit tight until someone notices and takes pity on me.

We all have ego reactions, and they must be overcome.
If you face them for what they are, temporary energies
that block your true self, you will realize that calling
on your true self–the soul, higher consciousness, deeper
awareness–will begin to move these obstacles out of the way.

When you gain access to your true self, even a little bit,
you will feel connected once again.

Of course other people can be a comfort and a help along
the way. As you reconnect with yourself, you will reconnect
with other people spontaneously since they are a mirror of
your self.
But depending on others to solve your problems never works,
because even though you may feel connected to them,
you are really reaching out as one ego to another.

Healing doesn’t take place at the level of ego, however,
and no matter how much sympathy and agreement you are
surrounded by, no matter how many people tell you that
you are right, you haven’t removed the blocks that keep
new life from rushing in to heal you.

*..  Peace Is the Way, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2005) ..*

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