Monday, October 24, 2011

People who are disconnected from themselves 

will be as baffled by the afterlife as they are 
by the present. For them, cause and effect aren’t 
clear. Feelings of being alienated, alone, victimized, 
tossed around by fate, out of control, or abused 
by authority clash with one another.

In this fog of confusion they can not take 
responsibility for their own motivations and 
desires, and the afterlife may frighten or 
baffle them.

Being disconnected is an illusion from the soul’s 
perspective. And however long it may take, 
understanding, symbolized by light, begins to dawn. 
In clarity you realize that “I am” is your basis, not 
the things you did. You no longer identify with being a 
certain person; you now identify with being conscious, 
and what fills your mind is fresh possibilities.
The karma you brought into the last lifetime has been 
exhausted, and fresh seeds of karma are ready 
to sprout. Being reborn enters your mind gradually.

For a long period (speaking objectively) you 
experience bliss; you have gained pure being, 
which brings its own fulfillment regardless of 
any karma, good or bad.

You find yourself in the same gap as the one
between two thoughts, only this time you are
aware of uncountable possibilities from which
to choose. You will witness as the dream of a
new identity begins to clothe you, and you will
fall into your next life in complete surrender
to past actions that you still know almost
nothing about.

But all of us can take a more active role in 
how we reincarnate. The elaborate rituals in 
the Tibetan Book of the Dead are designed to 
make freedom of choice real, to bring 
the person fully aware into the gap so that 
karma can be shaped, controlled, or 
even fully resolved.

.. Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, 

.. by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).

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