Sunday, June 12, 2011

To err is human; to forgive, divine
~ Alexander Pope ~

We could say that forgiveness is the act of pardoning
or excusing oneself or another without harboring
If we want to truly forgive, we must understand
that forgiveness does not mean we are agreeing or
disagreeing that an action in question was wrong,
right, bad, good, appropriate or inappropriate.

Instead of looking at what is "right" or "wrong,"
we recognize that an action was taken in ignorance
of our true nature and the action caused pain and
suffering. (By ignorance, we mean the lack of
awareness of our divine nature.)

The true nature of humanity can be described in
many ways, depending on one's spiritual or
philosophical tradition. To be as simple and
inclusive as possible: When we experience the One
consciousness or God that exists within all things,
we have realized our true divine nature.

With this experience comes the understanding that
our concepts, ideas, and beliefs create duality
and separateness among people, rather than supporting
the oneness of our spiritual nature. As long as we
hold on to our beliefs, then we have something we
can argue about and use against others. 

.-. With all our love, Sheri and Susyn .-.

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