Sunday, May 29, 2011

God cares about you,
What concerns you, concerns Him.
God cherishes you.
Cast all your anxiety on Him.

He hears when you are weeping,
He knows what keeps you awake.
He will hold you in His safe keeping.
He knows what all is at stake.

Cast all your cares on Him,
The weight is to heavy to bear.
Don't be anxious, trust in Him.
He wants you to know He cares.

Believe in God's power.
Cast all your cares on Him.
He is your strong tower.
Take refuge in Him.

No matter what problems arise.
God is able to walk you through.
Cast all your cares on Him. Be wise.
For He watchfully cares for you.

Read 1 Peter 5:7-10
No matter what we may be going through
in our life we are never alone.
God cares so much for us and He is
the shelter for us in our storms if
we will just trust Him. 

Lord, we cast all of our cares on you
because we know you are there for us
and will walk us through any trial or
heartache and give us peace and joy in
our hearts as we trust in YOU, Amen.

>>  Nadean Woodcock

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