Monday, April 11, 2011

When you wake up in the morning
and the sky is all bleak and gray;
Just give the Lord a praise offering
and have a wonderful day!

Smile at everyone you meet and think
positive my friend;
Today is a new beginning and your
joy will have no end!

Get on the phone and call someone
and tell them, "God loves you!"
The gray skies all will disappear
while the sun comes shinning thru!

Remember that it's attitude that keeps
us young at heart;
And you'll have lots of loving friends
even though you may be miles apart!

God wants us to be happy and that is
what we shall be;
When we keep a positive attitude that
the whole world will see!

Let us reach out in loving compassion
the way that Jesus would;
To all of those who feel that they have
been so misunderstood.

Let's be that light shinning when the
night is dark and cold;
Let us not hide our light but step right
out and be bold.

God will give us strength and courage
to be all that we should be;
And we'll keep our lamps burning for
the whole wide world to see!

They are searching for something that
is real, warm and true;
Lets show them the way and help them
follow through.

We will give them our God who comes
and makes all things new!
They will find the peace and joy that
they never knew,

We will teach them how to have a
right attitude;
So they'll get on their knees to Him
in humble gratitiude.

We will know we've accomplished
what God asked us to do;
Through faithfulness and service
with a right attitude!  

* Helen Johnson *

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