Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the West, we don’t have a tradition of
conscious death. What you can do
personally at this moment is to
bring your awareness to
the dying process, ridding
it of excessive fear
and anxiety.

Think of someone close to you who is

elderly and close to dying. Put yourself
inside the mind and body of the person.
Now begin to assist the person in the shift
from passively facing death to actively
creating the experience. Be comforting
and reassuring, but focus primarily on
shifting the person’s awareness from
“this is happening to me” to
“I am doing this.”

Here are the main themes to talk about:
I think you’ve had a beautiful life. Let’s talk

about the best things you remember.
You can be proud of having turned out to
be a good person. You have created a lot
of love and respect.  Where would you
like to go from here? Tell me how
you feel about what is happening.
How would you change it if you could?
If you have any regrets, tell me about them.
I’ll help you let go of them. You have no

more need for sorrow. I’ll help you let go
of any that you still feel. You deserve
to be at peace. You have run
your race well, and now that it’s
finished, I’ll help you home.

Having an imaginary conversation is
good way to reach down into yourself.
This exercise should bring up very mixed
feelings, since we all harbor fear and
sorrow at the prospect of death.

The domain where life and death merge

is always here with us, and by paying
attention to it you connect yourself
to a precious aspect of awareness.

:: Adapted from The Book of Secrets,
:: by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004)

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