Friday, November 19, 2010

People make plans in their minds, but
the Lord decides what they will do.
~ Proverbs 16:19

Like most people you may want things

to happen according to your wishes and
according to your timetable.
But sometimes, God has other plans...
And He always has the final word.

Are you bitter by personal tragedy that
you did not deserve and cannot understand?
If so, it's time to make peace with your
life. It's time to forgive others, and
if necessary, to forgive yourself.

It's time to accept the unchangeable past,
to embrace the priceless present, and
to have faith in the promise of tomorrow.

It's time to trust God completely. And
it's time to reclaim the peace-- His peace--
that can and should be yours.

So, if you've encountered unfortunate
circumstances that are beyond your power
and control, accept those circumstances...

And trust God. When you do, you can be
comforted in the knowledge that your Creator
is both loving and wise, and He understands
His plans perfectly, even when you do not.

:: Author Unknown ::

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