Friday, October 08, 2010

Dear God, I am thinking of all the people who
live alone in this world.
Some are widows/widowers, others are single
adults, college students, people with
diabilities, elderly with no children to look
after them or young with no parents or siblngs,
busy professionals who travel.

No matter who they are, what their circumstances,
they all need love. They all need contact with
people who care. While a little solitude is
nice, too much time alone can leave a person

I pray for warmth, comfort, and loving people
in their lives. I also pray that You will meet
their every need, from financial to health to
I pray that they will find or know their special
place and ministry You have for them.
I pray that the lost will find Jesus, and that
the backslidden will come home into Your loving
embrace and peaceful fellowship.
I pray that the grieving will feel Your presence.
And I pray that they will see You, hear You, and
talk with You in their quiet moments alone.
I pray that they will be blessed and a blessing,
and that You will also be blessed and honored.
In Jesus' name I pray,
with a caring and concerned heart.
"  John H  "

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