Friday, July 23, 2010

Be generous for the sake of the door of your glory
Do not blend me in to commodities*,
Please my friend**, forgive my rebellion,
show some mercy
Please my friend, bring me to the range of 
your almighty, bring me me me me me 
my Sultan bring me Bring me to the range of 
the almighty bring me

You said "be" and all things grow up
You made the things grow you made them mature
You made the sky and sat on your throne
You made me fight my friend, you made me
You made me fight with the world, my friend

me me me me my Sultan bring me
You made me fight, my Sultan, you made me

You gave me (dertli) lots of troubles, 
endless troubles, enormous troubles
You neither gave patience nor zeal to endure
You neither gave me sovereignity nor government
Oh why did you bring me here my friend?
Why did you bring me to the earth my friend?
Why did you bring me?

me, me, me, me, my darling
Much thanks for the rejection, 
you lost me my friend, you lost me
*[eşyaya = materialistic possessions and duties]
** "friend" (dost) refers to "GOD"

Beni Beni Lyric by Niyaz
Translated & Edited by: Mariamlelue 

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