Friday, June 04, 2010

Peace isn’t achieved by working with violence
or working through it. Peace has its own power,
its own scheme for organizing events.

We are looking for substitutes that can satisfy
needs that are now being satisfied by war.
The old satisfactions aren’t trivial, for
adventure, power, and expansion are primary
values in life.

If there is no viable way for the average
person to participate in adventure, power,
and expansion, then even the illusory way
of war, with its terrible toll in human life,
is preferable to nothing. As we’ll see, if
you go deep enough into the way of peace,
you find power. You achieve the freedom and
excitement that adventure is supposed to
bring. You expand in consciousness without
having to invade another country and seize
its riches.

War is above all a material thing. It involves
brute force, bodies fighting against bodies,
the destruction of cities that get rebuilt,
the squandering of weapons so that more
deadly ones can be devised.

If people could achieve satisfaction without
destruction, I believe they would. Millions
of us want to live without destruction
already. Now we are looking for a way to
make our will and desire more powerful than
war. Fortunately, that isn’t complicated.

According to the ancient Vedic texts, you
will know you are living the way of peace
when three things are present:
Seva: Your actions harm no one and 
benefit everyone.
Simran: You remember your true nature and
your purpose for being here.
Satsang: You belong in the community of
peace and wisdom.

These three S-words come from Sanskrit. 
They describe the ideal life of any spiritual
person. But just as crucial, they unlock a
power that materialism can’t defeat, as a
rock can’t defeat the rain even though one
is hard and the other soft, as a tree can’t
defeat the wind, even though one is solid and
the other invisible.
Power can sound abstract, but satisfaction
isn’t. With each S-word comes a satisfaction
that war will never be able to match.

* Adapted from: Peace Is the Way,
* by Deepak Chopra

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