Friday, June 18, 2010

Even in darkness light dawns for
the upright, for the gracious and
compassionate and righteous man.
-- Psalm 112:4

What a powerful promise! 
Just as night passes into dawn, for 
the gracious and compassionate and 
righteous, dawn comes even in the worst 
nights of deep spiritual darkness. 
The Holy Spirit is reminding us that even 
in those worst times of cultural decay and 
decadence, Satan's darkness will not rule 
forever. His darkness cannot stay where 
Jesus' disciples reflect the character
of the Light of the world.

Holy and loving God, help me to shine 
your light of holiness and Jesus' light of hope
to those trapped in darkness. O God, please
forgive my sinful failures. Please cleanse me and
create a pure heart in me. I don't want to dim or 
to diminish your light as it shines through me. 
Help me so that I can more perfectly shine 
your light to those around me.
In Jesus' name I pray.

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