Thursday, May 06, 2010

The best gift you can give is to give
of yourself. Your time, your attention,
your love and caring are far more
valuable than anything that could be
wrapped up in a brightly colored box.

When you give of yourself you discover
how very effective you can be. When you
give of yourself someone else receives
great benefit, and so do you.

Give a little kindness, or patience, or
understanding or love. Give encouragement,
and attention, and assistance, and time.

You always have what it takes to give of
yourself. For in every situation, there
is something valuable and positive that
you can offer.

Sure, you could spend your moments
feeling sorry for yourself or wishing
you were somewhere else. Or, you could
choose to give of yourself and create
a beautiful experience out of wherever
you may find yourself.

When you make the world a better place
for others, you have the good fortune
of living in that world too. Give of
yourself, for it is the most sincere,
meaningful and valuable gift you can
ஜ Ralph Marston ஜ     

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