Monday, March 15, 2010

Every special person who touches our life leaves
their own unique mark on our heart; a mark which
can never be chiseled away even if the years
eventually pull us apart.
We can take on their expressions and such 
the more we share of ourselves together. 
It's those little things about another person that 
can remain a part in us forever.

People who we have met throughout our life 
become a part of the person who we are today. 
We learn and we grow from the relationships each 
one touching us, in it's own special way. We laugh
about spending too much time together when 
we think we have become like each other. 
But it just shows how much we've been touched 
by the relationship we have found with another.

Those special people who can touch our lives are
like precious jewels amongst life's treasure.
They shine on us and leave a lasting impression,
a unique mark on our heart, a gift without

ಹ  Author: Unknown 

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