Thursday, February 04, 2010

God, I thank you for the place
where no one goes but you and I;
for the secret field, the tree,
the rock, the corner in the house
where I may go and find myself
again and, in finding me,
find you.

What longed-for-peace creeps in upon
my heart, when hidden in this secret
place, I listen to the silence and
shortly lose that tightness that held
me fast, unhappy and afraid

In time I find I can look around at
your quiet things, the leaf so very
near my head, the lines on the board
beneath my feet, or the bird that scolds
a bit because I am here, and flies away.

And when I've looked at those a while
and rested in the hush, I know that you
are near and I can find myself again.

ഇ  Author Unknown ഇ  

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