Thursday, December 24, 2009

Every year people shop
Some have no thought why,
Toys, clothes, cards and books
they find to buy.
Where is His gift?

They hear,"It's the birth
of Heavenly Savior",
but aren't sure just why,
our behavior.
Where is His gift?

Every year,
twenty-fifth in December,
people open presents to remember.
Where is His gift?

Worship places fill,
with singing voices,
babe in the manger
and beast noises,
Where is His gift?

We don't know the true
day He was born.
to grow, love and die,
Sinners forlorn
Where is His gift?

God sent His gift in
human flesh to share
His lamb of God
raised to the air,
Where is His gift?

His name is Jesus
born, died and rose,
He's coming again
for those who chose
being God's Gift.

' by Lois A. Wiederhoeft '

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