Friday, December 04, 2009

As the Christmas season approaches,
let us not forget others that are in need.
We serve a Holy God, a loving God
and just as our Father in Heaven
has a heart of love, so should we.

We need to reach out to others in
the name of Jesus. Offer a warm meal,
a helping hand, an encouraging word
or just a heartfelt smile.

The Christmas season has the highest
suicide rate of any other Holiday.
The enemy rages against the mind of
a lonely person and in the heat of
the battle, people tend to give up
more easily.

As we celebrate the birth of our
Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,
let the love of God shine through us.
You may never know the healing impact
you could have on someone's life that
felt hopeless, until you were willing
to go that extra mile.

God bless you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ஜ Kay ஜ


for thinking before acting.

for hearing before judging.

for forgiving your enemies.

for being candid and frank in love.

for helping a fallen brother.

for being honest in business.

for thinking before speaking.

for standing by your principles.

for closing your ears to gossip.

for bridling a slanderous tongue.

for harboring pure thoughts.

for sympathizing with the afflicted.

for being courteous and kind to all.

for loving Jesus with all your heart.

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