Saturday, November 28, 2009

The holidays can trigger feelings of melancholy,
stress and depression. Try not to get caught up
in the hype, materialism, commercialism or
illusions that holidays bring.
Keep it simple and remember the reason
for the season.

Watch out for the battle of the bulge (eating
too much), the battle of the budget (spending
too much), the battle of the booze (drinking),
and the battle of the blues (depression)!

Holiday Tips :
Make creative gifts like: candles, baked
goods, greeting cards, record a loved
one’s favorite musical selections on
an audio tape or CD, create a collage
of photographs, a poem on fancy paper,
a special greeting or memory recorded on
a video tape, give gift certificates for
a massage, pedicure, pampering
services or books.

Don’t allow excuses (i.e., family grudges,
my house needs painting, I need new
furniture, I don’t have enough chairs)
to keep you from enjoying family and
friends. Don’t procrastinate.
Enjoy family and friends now. Being around
laughter and good food is healing. If your money
is a low, don’t be embarrassed to ask everyone
to bring a dish (sweet potato pie, peach cobbler,
greens, macaroni and cheese or the beverages).
Even if everyone has to bring a chair because
you have only one couch, so what!
Ask them to bring a chair and a card table.

Parents, don’t allow your children to make
you feel guilty and pressure you into spending
and shopping until you drop. Stay within your
budget and don’t allow your children’s begging,
harassment or tantrums stress you out.
You may feel inadequate because you’re
unemployed, single, going through a divorce
or because you see everyone around you buying
the latest and greatest gifts. You’ll find
yourself in financial bondage if you allow
your child to buy you a first class ticket
for a guilt trip.

Take some time with your family and friends
and share your blessings, achievements and
testimonies from this past year. Share your
goals and plans for the new year. Each one
write down at least three goals you have for
the new year. Place them in separate sealed
envelopes and pray together over them asking
for God’s guidance, grace and blessings.
Next year all of you plan to meet again at
the end of the year to review and celebrate
your achievements.

The holidays have become less consecrated
and more commercial. Let us put the words
“holy” back into “holidays” and “Christ”
back into “Christmas.” As we heal on a
national and personal level from the sorrow
and changes in our lives, I know you join
me in strengthening your faith, courage and
relationships with the Lord, family, friends
and community. Let us give the best gifts
all year like acts of kindness, service,
compassion, charity and encouragement.

:. by Jewel Diamond Taylor

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