Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sometimes you must keep going.
Life punches you in the stomach.
It knocks your breath out and leaves
you bowed and gasping.

You lose a job...
you must keep going.

You find out you have a serious illness...
you must keep going.

You have a headache...
you must keep going.

Sometimes the things in life are not
serious but they affect you nevertheless...
you must keep going.

You have a big argument with your spouse.
Neither of you feels like talking and
maybe not even looking at each other...
you must keep going.

Your son rebels and you have a blowout
with him...
you must keep going.

The bills seem to never end and the money
seems to never start...
You must keep going.

There are times that make us just want to
curl up, stick our heads in a hole, and
make the world go away.

We can't, because we must keep going.

Life is full of those circumstances.

when you woke up this morning, for a variety
of reasons, didn't feel like getting out of bed,
but you had to.
You must keep going.

In times like those, and we all have them,
remember the blessing.

The blessing is not in that we must keep going.
The blessing is that we can...

~By Mountain Wings~

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