Friday, August 21, 2009

"Every morning when we wake up,
we have a choice to either open
to a potential miracle and celebrate
it, or to choose complaint and

The shadow is personal and universal at
the same time. Everyone harbors a unique
pattern of shame and guilt. Simple things
like nudity, sexual intercourse, anger,
and anxiety give rise to enormous complex
feelings. There is no sharp distinction
between personal feelings, family feelings,
and social feelings. They blend and weave

The human psyche was set up with a hiding
place, and for most people that place is
totally necessary, given the enormous
difficulty of facing one’s darkest impulses
and deepest humiliations.

In your inner world, there are countless
memories and repressed impulses. You do not
allow these to flow, which is to say to be
released; therefore, they have no choice but
to stagnate. Good impulses die for lack of
being acted on.

Love grows timid and afraid when not
expressed. Hatred and anxiety loom larger
than life. It is the primary property of
consciousness that it can organize itself
into new patterns and designs.
If you don’t allow consciousness to go
where it needs, however, disorganized
energy is the result.

இ Adapted from The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra

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