Friday, July 17, 2009

Chances are you've been bitten by
a mosquito,
an ant, a gnat, a bee
or a wasp, but have
you ever been
bitten by a lion or an elephant?

Not too likely.

The point is that it's usually
the little
things in life that get
under our skin and
upset our apple
cart more often than
the biggies.

It's also the little things that
make a big
difference to the quality
of our life.
A simple thank you,
a kindly word, a word of

encouragement, a telephone call,
a note,
an email, a greeting card,
a smile, a word
of appreciation,
a flower, and so on.

Why not determine to do something
every day for someone, and
especially for
your loved ones as
well as to friends and
work mates.
As someone else said, "When we
love the least is when we need it

the most!"

Do it today!

Suggested prayer: "Dear God,
help me to
always remember
the important little things
life and give such gifts every day,
only to my loved ones and friends,
but also
to those who cross my path
who need it—including
those whom
I don't especially like.
Thank you
for hearing and answering
my prayer. Gratefully

in Jesus' name,

" Author Unknown "

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