Friday, June 19, 2009

Your stuck energies force you to be
someone who doesn’t exist anymore:
The angry child deprived of love,
the frightened child who doesn’t
feel safe. The past is a false guide
to the future, and yet it’s what
most of us rely upon. By letting go
of stuck energies, you let go of
your past.

People get used to fear, and they
mistake that for overcoming fear.
I’m trying to get you to look inside
yourself. Even when you don’t notice
it, fear has you in its grasp. Anytime
it wants to, it can jump you, and
you’ll be powerless to resist.

If you identify personally with
negativity, you will never let it
go. Learn to see anger as only
energy,like electricity. Electricity
isn’t about you. Neither is anger.
It’s universal and sticks to
anything that seems unfair or
unjust. Fear sticks to anything
that feels dangerous or unsafe.

Imagine that your worst enemy comes
over to your house. He sits down in
the living room, and no matter what
you do, he won’t go away. Day after
day he refuses to leave. What do you
do? You begin to ignore him.
You pretend he’s not there. Your home
isn’t your home if there’s an enemy
living there. It doesn’t matter if you
toss a drop cloth over him, or if you
decide to completely redecorate the place.
Until you figure out a way to make
your enemy leave, you’ll never feel safe.

The world is your home, and it is safe.
God created it that way. But fear crept in.
Big problem. Nobody feels safe anymore.
As long as you live in fear, the world
is a threat. If that doesn’t matter to
you, okay. But living that way you’ll
never know the joy of your own soul.

The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism,
by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).

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