Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God give us wider vision to see and
understand that both the sunshine
and the showers are gifts from Thy
great hand.

And when our lives are overcast with
trouble and with care, give us faith
to see beyond the dark clouds of
despair. And give us strength to rise
above the mist of doubt and fear
and teach us that it takes the showers

to make the flowers grow.

And only in the storms of life when
the winds of trouble blow can we too
reach maturity and grow in faith and
grace and gain the strength and courage
to enable us to face Sunny days as well
as rain, high peaks as well as low.

Knowing that the April showers you
make may flowers grow and then at last
may we accept the sunshine and the showers.
Confident it takes them both to make
salvation ours.

~Author Unknown~

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