Friday, April 10, 2009

Once I stood on a mountain top and
as I turned my eyes downward I saw
the valleys, the lakes and rivers.
I saw the forests as far as I
could see. I saw roads winding
through nature, around hills, some
traveling straight as arrows.

Then I gazed heavenward and clouds

of all shapes and sizes floated by
casting their shadows upon the earth.
I felt the wind in my face at first
gentle and pure then driven by fury,
rain fell around me quenching
the thirsty earth. As the sun broke
forth birds sang, flowers bloomed
lifting their brightness to the sun
as in thanksgiving. Grass that had
been brown now shimmered in luscious
green of life.Once I flew to heights
unknown to eagles. As I gazed downward
I saw as clear as day people like
ants as they went to and fro and
wondered at their destinations. Yet,
in all this I did not see as God sees.

He saw the broken heart, grieving from
sorrow at some tragic loss, He saw
the contrite soul as it bowed in
humble prayer, He saw and heard those
who worshiped Him in Spirit and in
Truth, He heard the cry of hunger,
the cry of need, He saw lost souls
wandering, seeking salvation. He heard
and saw the prisoner confined by his
sins, He heard and saw the child as
it struggled to grow true and strong.
He looked at man to whom He had sent
His love yet met Him with indifference.
Then He looked at me and wondered why
my heart was so empty.

Father, let me see what You see, to hear
what you hear that my heart be filled
with You, that my life be Yours, that
my ears will Hear your sweet words,
Your commands then may I humbly bow
before you and thus say:
"here I am send me to do Your will."

இ by sky pilot

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david santos said...

Hello, Nasim!
Really a great poem! Excellent!
I love your poems.
Have a nice weekend!

David Santos - Portugal