Monday, February 16, 2009

I used to suffer from severe depression.
I remember once when going through some
very heavy things, that someone told a
joke and made me laugh so hard, and
suddenly it was as if dark clouds had
lifted and the sun came out. It was
such a stark contrast, I realized how I
had chosen to dwell in fear and depression
and that while I was doing that, there
were still great things going on in life
I was missing by feeling sorry for
myself and my circumstances.

What a waste of energy and time.
Never let negative feelings control
your thinking. Take every thought
captive, and enjoy the precious
life God has given you. Plan on making
a difference in this world.
One for good, and not evil, One for joy
and not despair, one for faith
and not fear. Be a Light!!

When you reach the end of your rope
you will find the hem of His garment.
I have often felt that many things
that bring us to our knees,
teach us while we are down there to
learn to pray. These possibilities are
open to everyone.

Don't tell God you are not good enough,
do what He asks.

Don't tell God to send someone else,
He asked you.

Don't tell God you don't have time
to pray, He said seek me first.

Don't neglect the things of God.
He said we are to pick up His cross
daily and follow Him.

Don't tell God anything is bigger
than His ability. God is the Great
I Am, I am whatever you need.

There is no pit so deep, God's love
is not deeper still.

Not my will but thine oh Lord.

~ by millie

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