Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I believe life is about acceptance.
We can sit back and moan about
the raw deal life has given us or
we can accept the cards we have been
dealt and make the most of them.

So many times people Have asked me
how I cope, and truthfully I have days
When I wonder myself amongst the chaos
and confusion that life in our
household involves.

I have three children. One is autistic;
he is beautiful, smart, and intuitive in
a way that is unique, frustrating,
difficult to understand and I love him.

Another child is undergoing testing
for a rare endocrine disorder which may
mean that he will be Steroid-dependent
to stay alive. It has been a long time
since I have been able to see him glowing
with the health and vitality that we took
for granted six months ago.

I could reject the cards That God has
given me but to do that would be to deny
myself The part of me that I am most
proud of my children. They may have
problems that others see as too big or
too difficult, but they are mine.
I see their beauty and their love Not
just for their family but the greater
world around them. the way they look at
the world, The beauty they see and
the gifts that they bring to my life
daily make it very easy to accept
the cards dealt to me.

For anyone out there who is going
through difficulty and having trouble
seeing the beauty that is there in
all our lives, please have hope and
find some time even if for just a
few minutes to count the multitude of
blessings that God has given us in so
many ways.

The issues that are concerning you
may not go away; but by accepting
them into your life as a part of it
and remembering the multitude of
blessings we receive in other ways
helps you to grow stronger.

It is so much easier to accept
the blessings but strength and peace
comes from accepting both the blessings
and the challenges we are given.

~Sue N., Australia

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