Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lord Sometimes ..

You allow Breakages,
So You can Rebuild;

You allow Wounds,
So You can Heal;

You allow me to Walk in
So that I see Your Light;

You allow me to be Perplexed,
So I seek Your Truth;

You allow me to be Empty,
So You can Fill Me;

You allow me to be Lonely,
So I can see what a Friend
You are;

You allow me to Learn hard
So I can be a gentle Teacher;

You allow me to be void of
So I learn to walk by Faith;

You take away my future Plans,
To Teach me to Live one Day
at a Time;

You allow me to suffer Pain,
So I may be Sympathetic to
the Hurts of Others;

You allow me to see the Futility
of Life,
So I will see Everything is Loss,
Compared to the Excellency of
Knowing Your Son, Jesus.

:: Author Unknown ::

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