Thursday, October 02, 2008

One day King David was walking through
the palace, and he heard a child crying.
What was going on? The child was being
weaned. The mother was saying, "Now, my
child, you are growing up, and it is time
for you to be weaned." The child was
saying, "You don't love me; you hate me.
If you loved me, you wouldn't do this."
Then David went to his desk, got his pen
and wrote Psalm 131.

The problem with too many of us is that
we have grown old without growing up--we
still need to be weaned.
The weaning process is important. God's goal
for your life is maturity, and His method
for maturity is weaning. He has to wean us
away from things we think are important.

How do you convince a child that he doesn't
want to be attached to his mother for
the rest of his life? Love him? Yes! But he
must grow up, step out and be a man. And so
it is with us. God has to wean us away from
the things of the world, from the cheap toys
that we hold on to. He wants to give us
the best, and His desire in weaning is our
submission. The weaned child of Psalm 131
was not losing; he was gaining.
He was moving out into a larger life.
Likewise, God has to take things away from
our lives, not because they are bad, but
because they are keeping us from the best.

The next time you whimper and cry because
God takes something away from you, remember:
He might be weaning you. He might be saying,
"Get closer to me. Step out into a life of
maturity and let's go together."

God wants His children to grow into mature
believers and eventually to become like
His Son. When He decides to wean you from
something in your life, be an obedient child.
Let Him prepare you and develop you for
what He has in store for you.

-- from Prayer, Praise and Promises
by Warren Wiersbe

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