Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here are a two stories--one from Al Pacino
about surprising experiences that showed
how powerful and profound animals can be
in our lives. The message is that the things
that nourish us, give us joy, and help us
to live in our hearts take many forms.

“I made connection with a pair of eyes,
and thought, ‘This is incredible; these
eyes are penetrating me.” I went through
the whole performance just relating to
those eyes, giving the whole thing to
those eyes. When curtain call finally
came, I looked in the direction of those
eyes, and it was a seeing-eye dog…
I couldn’t get over it the compassion
and intensity and understanding in
those eyes, and it was a dog.”
--Al Pacino, About a Theatrical Performance

Here is another story, by an unnamed woman:
“One of the first things I noticed when
we moved into our new home was
the birds. Every morning I woke up to
the beautiful sounds of birds calling
out their morning song.
It was almost a year before I realized
that their presence was really a gift from
my neighbor, who had an elaborate
bird feeder set up in her her backyard
just a few feet away from my bedroom
window. She died this past year, and
the people who moved in never
kept up the bird feeder.

“One day when I woke up, I felt surrounded
by a cloud of sadness. I lay there for a while,
trying to figure out what was causing it and
finally realized it was because my morning
symphony had flown. I turned toward my
husband lying next to me, and he said,
‘It’s the birds, they’re gone.’
That day we went to the store and bought
a spectacular bird feeder and set it up
in the backyard. Our morning friends
are back now.”

Take a little time right now to notice and
be thankful for the comfort and support
you are given each day by the animals
that surround you.

Adapted from Practice Random Acts of Kindness,
by the editors of Random Acts of Kindness
(Conari Press, 2007)

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