Friday, October 31, 2008

Find out why it makes sense for people
to use breath to calm their thoughts,
and explore the connection between
spirit and wind:
it’s all right there in the word
"inspiration," and it will inspire
you to feel reborn over and over again.

The word spirit is derived from
the Latin spiritus, which is
translated as breath. In Hebrew,
ruah means both spirit and wind.

The observation of one’s breath is
a popular form of meditation to
calm thoughts. The word "inspiration"
evokes the excitement of creativity.
It is imbued with exhilaration and
passion. This is my primary association
with the word, but Webster’s first
definition of inspiration is
"breathing in."

Our life’s first breath is our
inspiration. It gathers us from our
mother’s womb and receives us into
the cradle and adventure of
Life is a charm dangling on the thread
of inspiration. How many breaths have
I been given? How much happier would
I be if I remembered the gift of life
with each breath I take? To be fully
alive is to be aware of the delicate
nature of inspiration and expiration.

In this way I am reborn--into the present
several times every minute. If I knew my
last breath was to come in a few days,
would I be satisfied with today’s choices?
Would I be pleased with the last conversations
I had with members of family and close friends?
Do I express in the world all the love I feel?

It helps my sense of connection to remember
that the oxygen that supports my life was
made by the photosynthesis of plants.
The vast rain forests are often called
the lungs of the Earth. The thread that
is my life will sever in minutes if I
am deprived of air, so I owe my life to
trees and other plants.

* Adapted from Consciousness in Action,
* by Andrew Beath

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