Friday, September 05, 2008

The Ninja understanding is that it
is often the tricks of the mind
that prevent us from realizing that
we already live in a world that is
sacred, that holds our truth and
will meet our needs if we let it.

The advice of the warrior, in other
words, is to not conspire with
the mind that tells us we have lost
something and if only it was returned
to us all would be well.

If the Tao is whispering to you that
you must take on your fatigue by
healing your soul, then you have every
right to do so, and there is a practice
to help you with this:

In many traditional systems of healing,
such as those employed by the mountain
Ninja, it is believed that illness and
fatigue of the soul, no matter what
personal or specific form it takes,
arises because primal relationships with
Earth have been broken. Healing comes
from reconnecting with the natural world.

Healers in Japan still prescribe forest
walks and meditative contact with trees
(regarded as portals for spirit) as cures
for depression, which is believed to
arise through soul loss. In Japan, there
are many sacred trees, rocks, waterfalls,
and other natural shrines and power places
to which people bring offerings of sake
(rice wine), rice cakes, or flowers so
they may spend time in the healing presence
of nature.

d Adapted from The Spiritual Practices of the Ninja,
by Ross Heaven

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