Friday, September 26, 2008

Man is like a breath;
his days are like a
fleeting shadow.

* Psalm 144:4 *

Time is so precious -- time
with our families, our children,
our parents, our friends,
as well as our brothers and
sisters in Christ.

How do you invest your time?
Where do you invest it?
You know, it's really more valuable
than the money we invest. Once it's
gone, it can't be reclaimed. So
as you begin each day, ask God that
you will be able to "know the time,"
to see it for what it is and
to use it for its greatest good.

Time passes quickly, and like
the shadows of early evening, it's
not long before it is absorbed into
the gathering darkness of night.

Eternal God, please give me the wisdom
to use the time given me today to do
what is best, right, good, and profitable.
I want to invest my time in what is
truly enduring. Please help me use my
time to influence and to bless all
those with whom I interact so that
they are brought closer to you.
In Jesus' name I pray.

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