Friday, August 01, 2008

Recognizing the first signs of distress
can be difficult for women. We live in
a culture where distress is often labeled
“weakness,” so we try to hide it from
the world and sometimes from ourselves.

We’re re­luctant to admit our human
frailties. Unfortunately, this makes
for a much more difficult journey than
The following are some signs that it’s
time to say, “Help!”

• Your thinking isn’t clear (and it’s
not related to hot flashes or a lack
of protein in your diet).

• It is difficult for you to take
action--the clothes you usually take
to the cleaners are piled high in
your closet, your son has no clean
underwear, and your boss asks,
“Is everything okay?”

• You are scared, and you just do
not like the events and circumstances
surrounding your life right now.

• Inside, you feel like an orphan in
a strange land. Everything you took
for granted is up for grabs.
Instead of waking up to greet
the day, you pray that you can just
get through the day.

• You are either eating too much
or you are forgetting to eat, and
the stuff that you are eating is
of the fast-food variety you swore
you would never allow your children
to have.

• People constantly say to you,
“There is light at the end of
the tunnel,” and when they say it,
you silently scream, “I didn’t want
to be in the tunnel in the first
place, so how far away from
the light am I, and how the hell
do I get out of here?”

• You have received multiple copies
of the book When Bad Things Happen
to Good People from friends and

4 Adapted from This Is Not the Life I Ordered,
by Deborah Collins Stephens et al

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