Thursday, August 28, 2008

Greatness comes in all shapes and
sizes, and most true heroes are
unsung. You don’t have to be a
Martin Luther King Jr. to serve
the world.

As he noted, “Everyone can be great
because everyone can serve.”

Each of us has our own particular
talent or ability. What is your
greatness? Here is an inspiring story:

“I live in a low-income apartment
complex. A lot of my neighbors are
single mothers struggling to get by,
and sometimes you can almost feel
despair all around you. It is just
so difficult to raise kids, work,
and try to make something better of
your life at the same time.

“But there is this one man who lives
there who I swear must have been
given to us by some higher power.
He is both physically and mentally
handicapped but has managed to take
care of himself by working part-time
at a fast-food place and collecting
cans and bottles to recycle.
He knows us all by name and greets
us all when we leave each morning
and return each evening. He’s always
there to help out, although we are
all really careful not to take
advantage of him. He loves kids,
and there isn’t a day when at least
one of the kids from the complex
can’t be spotted hanging around
the playground with him, being pushed
on the swing or playing in the sandbox.
When you need to rush out to
the store, he is always willing to
keep an eye on the kids for a while.
But mostly, he is just always there,
always smiling, reminding us that
we are more than all our problems.”

Adapted from Practice Random Acts of Kindness,
by the editors of Random Acts of Kindness
(Conari Press, 2007).

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