Thursday, July 17, 2008

While groups of indigenous people
are certainly unique, the core
spiritual beliefs of most native
people are remarkably similar.

Find out if you have any beliefs
in common with Lakota Sioux, or
Quero Apache, with Kenyan Kikuyu,
or Australian Aboriginal.
The answer may surprise you, and
these core principles will certainly
inspire you and give you food for

Most indigenous people are still
deeply connected to the earth.
Here are the common spiritual beliefs
that many native people hold sacred:

The earth is sacred, and so is
everything which lives in or upon it.
This precludes unthinking killing,
destruction, or waste. When life must
be taken--to nourish yourself, for
instance--you do it with gratitude
and in a spirit of mindfulness.

Everything is alive and has spirit.
There is no such thing as an inanimate
object: rocks and trees, no less than
animals or humans, are alive and are
the keepers of wisdom and information
that wants to be communicated to humans.

3. Everything is related. We are all
connected inextricably to all there is.

4. It is vital to connect with others
through group ritual.
Bonding with
others through shared ritual experience
is a celebration of the great All.
This feeling of deep belonging and
interrelationship is quite different
from the cultural disconnectedness
from which we are currently suffering.

You can experience Spirit directly
and with joy.
The ecstatic experience
is a human birthright, making numinous
communion with Spirit a joyous possibility.

~ By Cait Johnson, author of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air

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