Saturday, June 07, 2008

Then their eyes were opened,
and they recognized him.

-Luke 24:31 (NRSV)

A truck driver recently delivered paper to
our printing company. We established this
business to create jobs in Cape Town's
inner city.
While he unloaded his truck, he noticed a
small fig tree's green leaves pushing through
the concrete in a corner of our driveway.
Excitedly, he said, "I can see this plant
growing in my garden in Khayelitsha!"
Khayelitsha, which means "our new home,"
is a sprawling, informal settlement
outside Cape Town.

He asked for a spade, and then he gently
removed the tender, green shoot from
the cracked surface. Joyfully, this stranger
drove away, keen to dig and plant his prize
in a special place.

Our staff members stared after him in
amazement. We had witnessed a sacred moment.
This man helped us to notice something that
was there all the time. We too have a vision
of a fruit-bearing tree: our project to
create jobs here in Cape Town, flourishing in
the midst of poverty.
He helped us to open our eyes to a sign of
its reality and promise right before us.

>> Mark H. Stephenson (Western Cape, South Africa)

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