Saturday, June 14, 2008

In our society there is great confusion
about the concept of freedom.
What is it? And when does it become
something else?

Just for example, many people think
“Isn’t it okay to spray my lawn with
toxic chemicals?
After all, it’s my lawn. And it‘s a
free country.”
Find out what this amazing teacher and
philosopher has to say about the true
nature of freedom. There are some very
quotable quotes here to pass along to
your friends.

Freedom without responsibility is license.
We have people feeling they can do what
they like with “their” land, not realizing
that their actions may injure someone else
in another place and time.
Cutting trees to clear mountain land may
cause flooding for a neighbor downstream
and cause “my” soil to be washed away,
destroying the birthright of
another generation.

We should be free to nurture and to care
for but not to destroy.

i Adapted from A Handmade Life by Wm. S. Coperthwaite

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