Friday, June 20, 2008

"Ask and you will receive"

may seem to be one of Jesus's most
extravagant promise.
We have all asked and not received.
To find out what Jesus actually meant,
then, we have to answer a few questions:
Who is asking?
Where is the request going?
Whom does it reach? For most people,
the asking comes from the ego, with
its unending stream of desires.
The request is going out into empty
space or to a vaguely remembered God
from childhood.
The receiver of the request is unknown.

What this means is that asking and
receiving are disconnected. Indeed,
they must be, because in everyday
awareness the world is separate from
us and fragmented into millions of
isolated events. However, at a deeper
level everything is unified and whole.
When you ask for anything, the One is
asking the One, God is asking God. And
there is always a response.

Learn to ask in a new way, by expecting
every wish to bring a response. Take
the attitude expressed by the Persian poet
Rumi: "Ask all of yourself." The mechanics
of giving and receiving are inside you.
Therefore, the next time you pray for
something, or simply desire it, go
through the following steps:

Express the desired outcome to yourself
clearly. Detach yourself from your request
after you make it.
Take an undemanding attitude to the outcome.
Be open to whatever response the universe
gives back. Know that there is
always a response.

In this case, "response" doesn't mean a
yes or no from God. There is no judge
deciding whether you are worthy or not.
Those perceptions were born of separation.
When Jesus told his followers that God
sees and knows everything, he was
describing the complete intimacy between
the self and the intelligence that pervades
the universe. Since you could not exist
without being part of that intelligence,
praying to God is circular, a feedback loop.

2 Adapted from The Third Jesus, by Deepak Chopra

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