Sunday, May 11, 2008

When you hold resentment toward another,
you are bound to that person or condition
by an emotional link that is stronger
than steel.
Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve
that link and get free.

~ Catherine Ponder ~

Catherine Ponder's words (above) give clear
instructions about when to forgive. Any time
you feel resentment or regret toward yourself
or another, it's time to forgive. When you
are plagued by a circumstance from the past,
it's time to forgive. When you believe you're
right and someone else is wrong it's time to
forgive. When you are criticizing, blaming
and making demands of yourself or others,
it's time to forgive.

You may have heard all of this before. But
when we go deeper in exploring forgiveness,
we see that with forgiveness there is
compassion, true freedom from emotional pain,
reconciliation between people, unconditional
love and world peace.

When we shine the light into the very essence
of forgiveness, we discover that we are an
expression of love in the universe, and powerful
creators. It's our made-up concepts and ideas
that create separation, conflict, pain, misery,
and war - whether we create war within ourselves
with thoughts of unworthiness, doubt and fear or
we create war on a battlefield with missiles,
rockets and guns.

The challenge we offer is to move past
judgment itself. When we say forgiveness is
the act of pardoning or excusing, that's
saying that we've judged a person's acts or
words to be wrong according to our point of
view or the point of view of society.
This is where we get stuck over and over again,
constantly judging, becoming angry and then
having to forgive.

When we finally let go of the judgment we hold
of ourselves and others, we'll no longer have
anything to forgive. Only when we judge is it
necessary to forgive. You might be thinking
that we have to judge or society will slip
into chaos, but this is not true. With compassion,
we can help others take responsibility for
their words and deeds committed in non-awareness
of their divinity.

( Susyn and Sheri

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