Saturday, April 26, 2008

The author of this profoundly simple little
book has a few wise words to say on the subject
of being happier at work, based on the realization
that happiness is our true job. Find out how to
be happier at work--and in our lives--here.
As the workday nears, and as it begins to unfold,
watch it gently and without suspicion. Take each
task as it comes, and don’t peer over it to
the next task. Do that task impeccably, but
don’t expect acknowledgment. In fact, expect
nothing at all from the job or from anyone
in the workplace. Approached in this way, work
can be happy, because happiness remains within
our control.

Keep in mind that gentle attention to each task
can be very grounding to the mind. Happiness is
our true job, and happiness is to be found
in the present moment.

- from Morning Notes,by Hugh Prather(Conari Press, 2005) -

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