Friday, February 15, 2008

Traditional Hindu prayer.
In this age of hating our bodies--trying
to carve and starve them into conforming
to some unattainable ideal--there is great
healing in reading and sharing this beautiful
ancient Hindu prayer at mealtime or any time.
Read this Hindu blessing for our bodies,
just as they are, here:
I recognize you are the temple in which my
spirit and creative energy dwell.
I have created you from my need to have my
spirit manifested on earth so that I may
have this time to learn and grow.
I offer you this food so that you may
continue to sustain my creative energy,
my spirit, my soul.
I offer this food to you with love, and
a sincere desire for you to remain free
from disease and disharmony.
I accept you as my own creation.
I need you.
I love you.

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دلتنگ دلتنگی های آسمان said...

"یک مشت پروانه
تمام سهم کودکی تنها
از پرسه های نيمروزی روزهای گرم تابستان."

" پروانه" - آخرین دستنوشته "دلتنگ دلتنگی های آسمان" - بهانه دیدار شما را دارد...