Sunday, January 27, 2008

A hiking party was preparing to climb
the Matterhorn. One climber in the party
had a kitten.
The man rose early to keep his appointment
with the massive peak, leaving the kitten
behind in his hotel room. He and his party
dressed in their hiking gear and began
the ascent. They carried food, water, rope,
mountaineering equipment, and
emergency supplies.
But something unexpected happened when
they reached the peak of the mountain.
Read this inspiring true story here:

After much strenuous effort, the group
finally made it to the summit. They cheered
and congratulated each other, joyous that
they had overcome many difficulties and
persevered when it seemed they could not
take another step. But the feeling of
triumph, of humanity conquering nature,
of going where (almost) no on had gone
before, was a bit dampened when they
heard a pitiful mewing sound.

Apparently the kitten had become very
lonely and a little confused as to why
his human friend had left him at
the hotel all alone. Perhaps something
was the matter and he should just go see.
So the kitten finally decided to try to
find his friend and followed him up
the trail. The kitten had climbed to
the top of the 14,780 peak--without
food, water, or equipment.

L Adapted from Animal Angels, by Stephanie Leland

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