Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Because of the law of attraction, the power
of passionate intention, and the divinity
that lives and breathes in each one of us,
the following prayer formula is power-packed.
Here are the steps.

1. Acknowledge the problem or challenge.

2. Know that the problem has no real power.
Only Love has power.

3. Pray and affirm that the best and most
loving outcome already exists and is
ready to take form.

4. Imagine that outcome; use all your senses
to feel it as reality. Breathe power into it.

5. Feel your oneness with the universe, with
the Divine, and with the answered prayer
and the beings involved.

6. Release it with joy to the nurturing
care of God. And so it is. And all will be well.

w Adapted from Peace to All Beings, by Judy Carman

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