Monday, October 01, 2007

It is believed that the Celts may have
originated around the Caspian Sea near
Iran or in Kazakh, a province of Russia.
Some have noted that there are striking
similarities between the religious beliefs,
laws, and languages of the Celts and
those of the more ancient Hindus of India.

After their arrival in Ireland, the Celts
divided themselves into three classes:
the Farmers, The Warriors, and The Druids.

There are mysterious connections between
the Celts and many other indigenous peoples.
Do you have Celtic heritage? Or do you feel
a spiritual affinity with the Celts?
Check out these personality traits:

These characteristics are generally true of
those with Celtic leanings or heritage:

d You have tremendous insight into
the psychology of others.

d Your understanding of human nature makes
you especially perceptive, and potentially
a gifted psychic.

d Your abilities tend to be more of an
intuitive understanding of the motivation
of others.

d You find your highest inspiration in
the rhythms of nature.

d You are attracted to beautiful or
unusual stones.

d You love a good story, whether it be
in the listening or the telling.

d You are sensitive to both of the polarities
that live inside of you. You naturally
understand the concept of androgyny or
unixsexualism, and recognize that you
have both masculine and feminine traits.

d Although you may be mentally oriented,
you are attracted to sensuality.

d You are a powerful, transformative
individual. You realize that in order to
bring positive change in our outer world,
an idea must first be born within.

Adapted from The Phoenix Cards, by
Susan Sheppard (Inner Traditions, 1990)

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