Friday, October 26, 2007

Beauty for me is self-acceptance.
~Lauren Fleishman ~

Most people I've known, particularly women,
usually view their bodies through the lens
of criticism, judgment and disapproval.
We aren't born with these judgments and
criticisms - they're learned, and learned
at a very early age.

In the process of growing up, we're socialized,
domesticated, and programmed with concepts
and ideas about what a "perfect" body is,
including its size, shape, color and weight.
We then go on to spend much of our lives
evaluating ourselves and others according
to familial, cultural, and societal concepts
of "perfection."

It's not necessary to determine which of these
images is the true _expression of perfection;
what's important to realize is that our ideas of
physical beauty are concepts - they're made-up
thoughts. If a belief is merely a fabricated idea,
it's just as easy to make up a new idea.

Consciously or not, with awareness or no
awareness, our life experience is based upon
our beliefs, which are simply thoughts charged
with emotional energy. This emotional energy
has a frequency that includes the experience of
unconditional love and well-being, or pain and
suffering. When we judge, criticize, and belittle
the way our bodies look, we experience
disappointment and dissatisfaction.
This judging nourishes the inner critic
and separates us from gratitude and love.
Make the choice to honor, love, and express
gratitude for your beautiful body on bad
hair days, when your shape doesn't fit some
outside standard, when wrinkles appear
on all days.

Remember, it's through our physical bodies
that our spiritual essence is able to have a
human experience.

* With all my love, Susyn *

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