Friday, September 28, 2007

Read this powerful short poem by a
Native American Quinnipiac sachem.
For anyone concerned for the rights
of America's indigenous people,
this book is important.

Iron Thunderhorse was imprisoned in
a Texas penitentiary--wrongfully,
as many believe--in 1978. Since that
time he has been repeatedly tortured
by the guards.

Despite his mistreatment and
the unjustness of his hopeless
position, Thunderhorse maintains a
strong spirit. Here is his poem:

You must listen
with believing hearts
to the sound of
the wild things.
All good souls
the path

From Following the Footprints of
a Stone Giant: the Life and Times of
Iron Thunderhorse, by
Ruth Mahweeyeuh Thunderhorse
(Infinity Publishing, 2007).

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