Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My whole life I've loved my mom dearly,
however our relationship was difficult
and tumultuous. We screamed, hurt, and
judged one another. I always thought that
if she went to therapy everything would be
fine, since she was the problem (from my
point of view)!

Over the years, as my spiritual journey
deepened, I realized that I had blamed my
mom for all the "terrible" injustices I
suffered as a child. I was subconsciously
punishing her for all the suffering she
caused me; I wanted her to pay. And she
paid dearly every day of her life,
believe me!

Then one day I understood that my
inner child was angry for not receiving
the unconditional love she felt she
needed. I saw that I had made an
unconscious choice as a child to see
my mom as a tyrant.
The truth was she loved me so much, and
she was doing the best she could. In
that moment I made that deep realization -
I was no longer angry at my mom. I felt
the most intense wave of love and
compassion for her come over me.

That evening as I was soaking in the bath,
my mom phoned me quite upset. She felt
like something significant had changed
between us that day. Amazingly, my mom
actually perceived the dissolution of
the entire energetic prison that had us
chained together in a constant cycle of
emotional pain!

I told my mom I had let go of all
the anger I'd felt towards her, and
that I finally realized how much I
loved and appreciated her. I said,
"I'm sorry for being so mean to you;
constantly trying to punish you when
you were doing your best." I'd finally
forgiven her. And just so you know -
my mom and I have never argued once
since that day - and she is my
best friend.

2 With all my love, Sheri

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